Marrying Away in the US

Marrying Away in the US

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Walt Disney World Weddings

From Floridian couples to jet-setters alike, brides and grooms are flocking to Walt Disney World to say I do. Like Las Vegas, it’s fantastical and fun, plus totally convenient — you can marry at Disney and spend your entire honeymoon there too. You provide your wishes — they make them come true. From Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings to custom creations, Walt Disney World offers magical memories for you and your groom. Here’s what may happen when you wish upon a star:

Tying the Knot

Marriage License Requirements
The fee for a marriage license in Florida is $93.50 ($61 if the bride and groom are Florida residents and attend a premarital prep course). There is no waiting period to obtain the license for non-Florida residents, which is valid for 60 days in the state of Florida only. No blood test is required. For more information on marriage license requirements and/or restrictions, contact: the Orange County Clerk of Courts Marriage License Division at (407) 836-2067; or Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings at (407) 828-3400 or

Where to Say I Do

Having A Destination Wedding Here s What Goes In the Welcome Bag

Having A Destination Wedding Here s What Goes In the Welcome Bag

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Since you won’t be able to greet all your guests personally upon arrival, a welcome bag (or basket) is a great way to touch base with them right away. Here are a few suggestions on what to include.

Key Contact Info

  • Tell your guests how to reach the people you’ve designated as go-to contacts (family members, wedding attendants, and/or your wedding planner). Include both their cell phone numbers (be sure to get ones that work locally, even if you have to rent) and the landline number for their hotel rooms. Don’t include your contact info — most people won’t feel comfortable bothering you, and you’ll have enough on your mind already.

· A Welcome Letter

  • Tell your guests how happy you are that they’ve made the trip with a short and sweet note. For simplicity’s sake, use your computer to type and print the letters, but sign each one in ink for a personal touch.

· A Detailed Schedule

  • List all of the weekend’s events, including any optional ones. Include the time, location, dress code, and any other important details for

Having a Destination Wedding

Having a Destination Wedding

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Believe it or not, marrying away from home used to be synonymous with the old-fashioned version of eloping — boarding a train or plane to marry without family approval. While destination weddings look different now, they’re still a great way to ensure you have a wedding that is completely you

A destination wedding can involve just the two of you; a select handful of family and friends; or enough guests to constitute a bona fide week-long family (or college) reunion. Six practical and personal reasons to wed away.

1. They’re Virtually Stress-Free

Watch any classic wedding movie (especially Father of the Bride), and you’ll soon understand why destination weddings are so popular. They are almost guaranteed to be simpler (and faster!) to plan than a traditional wedding and reception for two main reasons:

  • Honeymoon-happy resorts and cruise lines around the world have made it easier and more appealing to wed on-site. Many have full-time wedding coordinators on staff who are familiar with that country’s marriage license requirements and who offer wedding packages that take care of all your ceremony essentials (photographer, cake, minister,

Items to Enhance Your Send-Off Line

Items to Enhance Your Send-Off Line

Your send-off line is the last impression you will leave your wedding guests with at the end of your big day. To make it memorable for them and you there are certain items that you can use to enhance the exit of yourself and your new spouse.

For a colorful send-off one item you can use is explosive confetti poppers. They can be purchased at any store that sells party supplies. This is a particularly fun item to use for your send-off line if there will be children at your wedding. Even if there won’t be, most fun loving adults can’t resist the appeal of this item.

To give your guests an interactive role in your send-off you can distribute paper airplanes and even customize them for your wedding day. You could also provide your guests with a chance to make their own paper airplanes, allowing everyone’s creative juices to flow.

A great way to enhance your send-off line is to let your guests blow bubbles at you. This is the perfect item to use for an outdoor wedding and with guests gathered on both sides of you they can create a bubble tunnel

7 Ways To Serve Pie At Your Wedding

7 Ways To Serve Pie At Your Wedding

Whether you’re swapping pie for cake or adding it to supplement the dessert bar, there’s really no wrong way to serve up this charming treat.

On this mathematical holiday, we’re celebrating numerical pi’s delicious homophone, pie. Not only does pie pair perfectly with weddings, but it’s one of the most seasonal foods around. Get inspired to add a little of pie’s golden-brown goodness to your wedding day.

  1. Pie Favors

Who says pie can’t be as elegant as its cake counterpart? Packed in a quaint to-go box and tied with ribbon, this favor is just as beautiful as a fondant-adorned personal pastry. You definitely won’t have any guests leaving these favors behind. 2. Mini PiesSmaller portions mean guests can try as many flavors as their hearts desire. We love the combination of the mismatched tiered dessert trays and eucalyptus garland, which comes together for a perfectly charming dessert display. 3. Pie Place CardsHow excited would you be to find your place card displayed next to a personal pie? Life’s short—let your guests eat dessert first if they want to! 4. Pie Dessert BarInstead of one big tiered cake, a display of multiple pies

16 Questions to Ask Your Destination Wedding Venue

16 Questions to Ask Your Destination Wedding Venue

Don’t leave your venue visit until you’ve got answers to these important destination wedding planning questions.

Planning a destination wedding has its own set of details to keep in mind. A little secret: Once you find your destination wedding venue, the rest of the details really do start to fall into place. Haven’t found it yet? Use our local venue search (search by style and price) or try out The Knot Venue Concierge. It’s a (read: free) service that’ll help you find your venue stress-free.

Okay, found a few possible venues and ready to move on to the next step? Ask these questions before you book:

How experienced are you with weddings and have you ever hosted an event for [insert number of guests you’re inviting]?

Tip for the taking: Ideally, a venue that has hosted its share of nuptials is a safer bet, but wedding-specific experience isn’t necessarily a deal breaker. If they’ve ever hosted a corporate event, conference or party, that’s an indication they can handle your wedding too.

What do you offer versus [insert the name of another venue or hotel you’re considering]?

Tip for the taking: Mentioning a

Best Caribbean Destination Wedding Spots

Best Caribbean Destination Wedding Spots

Get a taste of the tropics with a wedding at one of these nine sun-drenched Caribbean islands.


  • Why: This idyllic island not only has a whopping 365 beautiful beaches, but it’s also steeped in nautical history. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Antigua was home to a huge British naval base and its harbor is still a popular yachting destination for the international jet-set. If you want to host your nuptials at a high-end all-inclusive resort, look no further — many of the world’s swankiest are here.

When to go: The high season runs from mid-December through April. After April, rates go down as much as 40 percent, but some places do close between August and October. The humidity and rainfall are low year-round, and hurricane season runs from June through November.

Guest activities: History buffs can tour Nelson’s Dockyard National Park at historic English Harbor. Those up for some exercise can hike to the Megaliths of Greencastle Hill, with mysterious six-hundred-foot-high rock formations said to have been created by early inhabitants for better worshipping of the sun and moon. The uninhibited might want to hit the clothing-optional beach at Hawksbill. Even if

Domestic Destination Wedding Ideas

Domestic Destination Wedding Ideas

Destination wedding spots perfect for the season and a little closer to home.

Why Here? If you want a warm, sweet ceremony followed by a red-hot reception, Miami can certainly set the scene. The coastal city welcomes diversity and celebrates life, making it the perfect destination for couples who want their guests to relax and let their hair down. Southern Florida gets great sun and very little rain during the spring months. (Summer, on the other hand, can be unbearably hot, and the city’s official hurricane season begins in June.) Guests who want to extend their stay beyond the wedding can enjoy motorbike rentals, great ocean views, boutique shopping, and a variety of water sports.

Where to Wed: Anywhere outdoors. Miami offers every kind of backdrop imaginable — beach, city, cruise, garden — all under beautifully sunny skies. Many resorts in South Beach offer package deals and great beachfront property with lots of family-friendly amenities.

Local Inspiration: Miami has a significant Cuban influence in the local art and culture, so consider incorporating elements like cigar rollers and mambo dancers into your reception. Take salsa dancing lessons a few weeks in advance for a high-energy first

Marrying Away in the US Florida Destination Weddings

Marrying Away in the US Florida Destination Weddings

Florida Destination Weddings

Why Here?

This southern-most continental state offers every kind of wedding imaginable — beach, city, cruise, garden — all under eternally sunny skies. Choose a swank city soiree in Miami, a barefoot ceremony on an island beach, or anything in between. Best of all, your guests will appreciate the slew of reasonably priced flights to all of Florida’s hot spots.

What to Know

  • Each area has it’s own feel: Palm Beach is a great choice for a pretty, country club wedding (consider having bridesmaids wear Lily Pulitzer sundresses), while a resort in Mar-a-Lago is the perfect spot to riff on Donald Trump’s extravagant affair. Couples interested in fishing and sailing might want to consider the Florida Keys.
  • Since Florida is a popular convention and business retreat destination, book your room blocks as early as possible.

Marriage Requirements

Residency requirement: None for U.S. citizens
Necessary documents: Couples must obtain a marriage license from any Office of the Clerk of the Circuit Court. Both parties must provide the Clerk’s Office with a valid photo ID. If either party has ever been married and divorced, or widowed, the date of the divorce or

These Over the Top Destination Wedding Ideas Are Celeb Worthy

These Over the Top Destination Wedding Ideas Are Celeb Worthy

Whether you’re jet-setting off to the beach or a mountaintop there’s no shortage of reasons to love destination weddings. But we were curious about what goes into planning a truly extravagant destination affair, so we caught up with the Executive Director of Destination Weddings at David Beahm Design, Christina Matteucci. She gave us the scoop on how to plan a destination wedding that’s truly over-the-top, and some of the amazing details she’s pulled off, like importing fresh-cut flowers and giving guests VIP access through international customs and immigration lines. Read on for some of Matteucci’s tips to planning an awe-inspiring destination wedding below!

Make your guests feel appreciated from the start (and even weeks before the wedding!)

“It’s important to honor the fact that your guests are taking precious time off to attend your wedding and that many use vacation days to travel to destination weddings. The welcome basket should reflect where they are. We like to include local items like hot sauce and fudge so guests can take home a taste of where they’ve been with them,” says Matteucci. One couple even started getting guests geared up for the wedding as soon as they got

Destination Wedding Tips from Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events

Destination Wedding Tips from Candice Coppola of Jubilee Events

Amazing destination wedding photos might make planning one look easy, but there’s quite a bit of work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure it goes off without a hitch. So we enlisted the help of Candice Coppola, founder of Jubilee Events for her secrets to pulling off a flawless and memorable destination wedding (like the wedding in Costa Rica featured in the photos below). Read on for some of Candice’s top tips for planning a destination wedding.

Let the view take center stage. “When you choose a location with scenic views you don’t have to bring in a lot of decor. You can allow nature to be the biggest design element in your destination wedding,” says Coppola.

Choose a locally-inspired menu. “Food is another way to tie in the local culture by using fresh meats and produce from the surrounding areas. Guests at Mandi and Dan’s wedding [featured above] dined on traditional Costa Rican food including fresh fish, vegetables, and cheeses. I love keeping things as local as possible– it’s not only authentic to the region but helps to boost the local economy by enlisting small businesses in the surrounding area,” says Coppola

6 Questions To Ask Your Potential Destination Wedding Planner

6 Questions To Ask Your Potential Destination Wedding Planner

Vetting your destination wedding planner is an absolute must

It isn’t enough that your destination wedding planner know how to coordinate a wedding. They’ll also need to be well-versed in the culture and laws of the country you’re getting married in. And, of course, finding someone whose personality clicks with yours should definitely be a top priority. Overall, a great wedding planner will not only make you feel like they’ve got it all under control, but also make you feel at ease. And if something just doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t; don’t be afraid to search elsewhere. These six questions will help you gauge whether your potential planner is right for you.

What’s the typical budget of couples you’ve helped plan weddings for? Do you charge a flat fee or do you take a percent of our budget? And are rates affected by our guest list size or destination?

Why You Want To Know: You should know that some planners will only work within a particular range. That could be weddings over $50,000 or it could be weddings over $500,000 (yes, you read that right!). Either way, this should be at the top of

Top 13 Destination Wedding Tips

Top 13 Destination Wedding Tips

1. Pick the Perfect Spot

The location of your wedding determines not only the mood (rustic, sophisticated, beachy), but also the travel, time and budget required to pull it off. You want your guests to walk away from your wedding weekend saying, “That was so them!” Your wedding elements — not just location, but also activities and overall vibe — should say something about your personal style and your passions. Did he propose on vacation in Paris? Then why not host a swank wedding in the City of Lights? Are you foodies? Think about gathering your crew in a place like Tuscany or California wine country. Or if you love outdoor adventures, consider Costa Rica, where guests can zipline through the treetops before the rehearsal dinner.

2. Time It Right

Unfortunately, the best weather in popular vacation destinations tends to correlate with tourist season, when there are typically more crowds, fewer hotel and venue availabilities, and higher rates all around. If you choose to marry during high season, you’ll want to reserve hotel blocks and venues immediately and send out save-the-dates 10 to 12 months in advance so guests can book their flights and accommodations

Destination Weddings Who Pays for What

Destination Weddings Who Pays for What

We have all the answers you need regarding destination weddings.

So you’re having a destination wedding. Now come the questions: Do the bride and groom pay for everything? What about hotel rooms and airfare for the guests? Here’s an easy checklist to help you decide who pays for what.

The bride and groom (and/or their parents) are expected to pay for:

  • The wedding reception (whether it’s a five-course meal or a beer-and-burgers bash)
  • A rehearsal dinner
  • A welcome party
  • A morning-after brunch (a friend or family member may volunteer to host this for you as a gift)

We highly recommend the hosts also cover:

  • Selected activities (a group sailing trip, a tour around town)
  • Transportation to and from the ceremony and reception sites
  • A shuttle to pick up your guests at the airport when they arrive
  • Attendant hotel rooms. According to tradition, the bride and her family should cover lodging for the bridesmaids; the groom or his family should do the same for the groomsmen. If these expenses will burst your budget, tell your attendants their presence is a gift to you. (Keep in mind: If hotel room rates are $400 a night, that may be more of a

Free Weddings Great Deal or Too Good to be True

Free Weddings Great Deal or Too Good to be True

Read on to find out why a growing number of resorts are offering them — and if it’s really worth it.

To entice couples to choose their property as the setting for their “I dos,” a growing number of all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico are offering great deals on wedding packages — including, believe it or not, ones that cost nada. Tying the knot on a beautiful tropical beach — for free, no less — probably sounds a little like a Publishers Clearing House commercial: Sure, who wouldn’t want all their dreams to come true? But few of us are holding our breath, waiting for Ed McMahon to show up at our doors with a jumbo-size check. However, unlike that check, these freebie nuptials aren’t just gimmicks to get you on a mailing list. You can have a destination wedding sans cost — though not without a catch. Want to know more? Keep reading to find out what these free wedding packages are all about — and to decide whether one is right for you.

What’s the real deal with these so-called free weddings? While free wedding offerings vary widely from resort to resort,

The Best Times to Plan a Destination Wedding

The Best Times to Plan a Destination Wedding

Mother Nature is always full of surprises, but there are some general guidelines about the best times of year to plan your destination wedding. Whether you hope to hit the slopes or soak up some rays on the beach, we’ve got an entire year’s worth of fabulous wedding weather.

January and February

Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Bali, Belize, Brazil, Canada (ski destinations), Caribbean, Central and South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, New Zealand, the Florida Keys, U.S. (ski destinations)


Argentina, Australia, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Canada (ski destinations), Caribbean, Central and South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Maldives, Mexico, Morocco, the Florida Keys, U.S. (ski destinations, Southeast, Southwest)


Argentina, Bahamas, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South Africa, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Egypt, French Polynesia, Hawaii, Italy, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, the Florida Keys, U.S.


Belize, Bermuda, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Caribbean, Central and South Africa, Czech Republic, Fiji, France, French Polynesia, Greece, Hawaii, Ireland, Italy, Madagascar, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Seychelles, Spain, Thailand, the Florida Keys, U.S.


Bermuda, Brazil, Britain, Canada, Central and South Africa, Czech Republic, Fiji,

Destination Wedding Basics Know Before You Go

Destination Wedding Basics Know Before You Go

You Call the Shots

A destination wedding may be just the way to buck tradition. While formal weddings hold meaning for many couples, others want the experience to be unique, with a ceremony and location that reflect their true colors. Without the restrictions of a traditional wedding in a traditional location, like your hometown or the place where you grew up, you will feel freer to make your own rules. Been obsessed with Cinderella since you were a kid? Have a Walt Disney World wedding and ride away in a horse-drawn carriage. You and yours are avid scuba divers? Marry underwater in the Caribbean.

Beyond the Beach

Rethink what the phrase “destination wedding” means. Even if you’re not the types to kick off your shoes and marry on a beach with leis around your necks, that doesn’t mean you still can’t have a destination wedding. There are hundreds of country inns in bucolic settings, homegrown seaside and lakefront resorts, and wintry mountainside lodges that can be rented for the weekend. Think about choosing a favorite vacation spot and introducing it to the rest of your family and friends.

Family Reunion Factor

Inviting everyone

Dressing for Your Destination Wedding

Dressing for Your Destination Wedding

Don’t underestimate the importance of fashion. Your wedding gown should say a lot about you — and your wedding’s — style. Is it a good fit for your type of event? Here’s what to consider as you ponder the options.

Garden Wedding

What to consider: Think about your aisle. Will there be a runner? If you’re planning to walk down a grassy path, pay special attention to your gown length. Opt for something that doesn’t skim the ground (or get it altered that way) so that you don’t get unseemly green stains along the hemline, or lay down a runner. Also consider accenting your gown with the season’s key embellishments — floral embroideries and floral accessories hairpins, brooches, and so on.

What to avoid: High heels. If your aisle is grass, you’ll sink indelicately into the soil. Also, avoid embellishments that are too shiny or glittery; they may look a little out of place if your setting is au naturel.

Beach Wedding

What to consider: If you’re planning to have your ceremony out in the sun, you’ll want to consider fabrics such as chiffon, silk, and charmeuse as well as shapes that will

9 Photos from Destination Weddings That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

9 Photos from Destination Weddings That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

There’s nothing more exotic than exchanging vows on a large reserve in Africa famous for wildlife sightings, on a rocky cliff in Greece overlooking the Aegean Sea, or at the base of the Eiffel Tower in the City of Love. These are scenes movies are made of, but we have proof real couples do it too. Here are nine of the more breathtaking wedding photos we’ve seen, captured by some of the most talented photographers in the biz. Hint: A great photographer is a must to capture both the beauty of the destination and the romance between the couple.

Nina and Sebastian in Maasai Mara, Kenya

Winnie and Michael in Montego Bay, Jamaica

7 Reasons Why You ll Want to Get Married at the Coral Sands Hotel

7 Reasons Why You ll Want to Get Married at the Coral Sands Hotel

On the hunt for a picture-perfect Caribbean destination wedding spot? Look no further than the Coral Sands Hotel, tucked away in Harbour Island, Bahamas.

There are lots of things to consider when choosing a venue for your destination wedding, honeymoon or bachelor(ette) party in the Caribbean. But when one place has it all—not to mention the most exquisite pink sand (yes, pink) and clear turquoise water you’ve ever seen, it’s not a difficult choice to make. The Coral Sands Hotel, a gorgeous, newly-renovated boutique oceanfront hotel located on Harbour Island in the Bahamas (50 miles east of Nassau) has the type of charm where the staff knows your name, desert island-style privacy to make you feel completely at peace, and a subtly luxurious vibe that’s apparent from the elegant, airy rooms to the world-class amenities. Oh, and did we mention that Coral Sands (owned by married couple Tom and Silma Sherman) loves to accommodate special requests for anything wedding-related and beyond too? Here are seven other reasons why you and guests will love this one-of-a-kind property.

  1. You and your guests will stay in the lap of luxury.

The guest experience is key